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CEO/Creative Director

Pastor Daniel R. Perry

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First Lady Teresa L. Perry

Daniel Perry has been called the Tyler Perry for the youth of today. Creative Director Daniel Perry (no relation to Tyler) has accepted the role as the ambassador for today’s youth. Pastor Perry’s purpose is to encourage children to think “Big,” while providing them a road map to success.


Pastor Perry doesn’t just show up with the Bible, but turns the Bible into a biblical production with his creative imagery. The licensed and ordained minister makes the Bible come alive! He preaches and teaches the Living Word to reach a ‘so-called’ dying generation.


Pastor Perry received a basketball scholarship from Colorado Northwestern in Rangley, Colorado. After a devastating career-ending knee injury, Pastor 'P' refocused his education on visual communication at the Art Institute of Atlanta, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon graduation in 1986, Perry's designs have appeared in print, theatres, TV, record labels and movies and he has received numerous awards for his creativity. After completing almost three decades in the creative world, Daniel turned the pages of life to empowering and equipping children with the inspirational words of God. With the absence of a father, Perry decided to use his extensive background in world media communications to inspire, motivate, encourage the young generation of today.


Pastor Perry continues his quest of developing the minds of children. He is making an impact in Clayton County with his dedication of empowering young people spiritually and socially. He has also caught the attention of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters (AIB), The Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) and Clayton County News, as one of the most sought after youth pastors in Georgia.


On July 30, 2017, Clayton County Board of Commissioners presented Pastor Perry with a Proclamation for his outstanding services and commitment to the youth. He has also received Man of the Year honors for his leadership over youth operations.


Under the leadership of Pastor Perry, one of the top reviewed educational summer camps for children in Clayton County was developed, selling out for seven consecutive years. Fountain of Faith Missionary Baptist Church (FOF) completed the structure of a $2 million educational building in April 2015 and on August 10, 2015, Pastor Perry started the Kid’s Empowerment Program (K.E.P.), the first after-school educational program designed to help students excel in school.


Pastor Perry is the Staff Pastor of Youth Operations at Fountain of Faith Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of Reginald B. Newman, Senior Pastor. He is also the CEO of Pastor 'P' Youth Ministry, Inc.


Pastor Perry has generated over $500,000.00 for the Fountain of Faith youth ministry, while branding the church identity.


Pastor Perry provides children and youth programs that empower the mind to excel, such as:


Pastor (P) Kids Mentoring Program for Boys: This program teaches and demonstrates the principles of manhood to young boys and teens, allowing them to achieve their dreams and become men who are strong, responsible and productive.


Kids Education Prep:  This program prepares young minds to get ready for college by showing them how to complete college applications, how to write effective essays to gain entry to college, and how to research funding and scholarships.


Kids Money: Is an interactive resource helping teens to manage money successfully, while becoming financially responsible adults.


Kids Business: Is an entrepreneurship program for kids to help educate and prepare them for owning their own businesses.


Kids Sports & Health Training: This program focuses on the physical well-being of the youth.  Strength training helps kids and teens build healthy muscles, joints, and bones while improving endurance, performance and overall total body fitness.


Mass Media Program: Educating youth in the creative areas of illustration, photography, advertising, graphics, web design, marketing, and public relations.


He is the producer of the new TV program, 'Preaching 2 the KIDS' premiering on AIB (Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters) in the fall of 2020. Pastor Perry will also release his first book, entitled 'Preaching 2 the KIDS' in the fall of 2020. 'Preaching 2 the KIDS' is a memoir of growing up in the church and a collection of his most memorable moments as a visual youth pastor, who became “The Koolest Youth Speaker on this Side of Heaven!”


On August 30, 2020, Pastor Perry, known as Pastor (P), will celebrate 20 years in youth ministry and 10 years at Fountain of Faith Missionary Baptist Church at the 7:30AM and 10:45AM mega service.


Pastor Perry is pursuing his doctorate degree in religion at The Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta (ITC).


Daniel Perry has dedicated his life to empowering young people to change the world both spiritually and socially.


Creative Director Pastor Daniel Perry  "The Koolest Youth Speaker on this Side of Heaven!" 

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